Airlie Grey Pot

Import Ants

Tired of using heavy pots and environmentally harmful plastic garden pots, which also worries you about breakage and leakage? It’s time to experience the all-new Import Ants Paper Pottery, a step towards Lithe Life. Decorate your favourite plants in these cute designer pots and accessories handmade from paper.

Lined with natural latex rubber and coated with a protective water repellent layer on the outside, Paper Pottery is completely waterproof. It is ethically hand-made in Sri Lanka using sustainable and recycled materials only.

Available in pretty colours and a variety of sizes, Paper Pottery is specially designed to fit the Australian standard plastic pot used by growers (100ml, 150ml, 200ml). Fill the Paper Pottery with soil and transplant seedling or sow seeds directly. Pour water as needed. Be it a Florist shop or a Cafe, or even that old nook of your study room, Lithe Life Paper Pottery is an ideal product to attract everyone!

     There are 3 sizes

    • Small - 100ml pot D11/12 x H11cm 
    • Medium - 150ml pot D15/16 x H15.5cm
    • Large - 200ml pot D20 x H21cm

    Key Features

    • Waterproof - Lined with natural latex rubber
    • Plastic-free
    • Biodegradable
    • Unbreakable - tear resistant 
    • Lightweight 
    • Beautifully Versatile:
      • Florists - waterproof so ideal for floral arrangements.
      • Nurseries- a decorative pot for gift giving.
      • Cafes- as an unbreakable planter for table decoration.
      • Event Planners- light-weight making it easy to transport.
      • In the Home- as a child-proof vase or container.