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Bamboo Cotton Buds

Eco Shop Co

Your earwax is biodegradable but your plastic swab isn't! Double-tipped cotton buds with a small bamboo stick in between are a perfect multipurpose and must-have product in a Lithe Life.  These Bamboo cotton swabs are 100% Natural with 100% pure cotton which makes them soft, absorbent and gentle, and safe to use. Great add-on for customers purchasing bamboo toothbrushes and other personal care items. Simply Swab, Poke and Draw.

Good for The Earth, Good for you!

     Key Features

    • 100 bamboo cotton buds in a pack
    • Premium quality soft cotton tips
    • Biodegradable Bamboo stick
    • Plastic-free & vegan friendly
    • Product packaged as per picture

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