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Food Storage Kit

The Lithe Store

Looking for ways to store food efficiently and sustainably? This food storage kit could help you experience the Lithe Life with the habit to minimize waste!

This kit includes the following:

Food Cover - Colour 
A great alternative to plastic cling wrap. The stretchy silicone food covers are ideal for covering leftovers and keeping the food fresh for longer with an airtight seal. Click the link for details.  

Stasher Sandwich Bag - Clear & Aqua
One of the Lithe Store best-selling products. Another great food storage solution of keeping snacks, leftovers or fresh produce longer. These sandwich bags are going to be a game-changer. Click the link for details.  

Agreena 3 in 1 Wrap Pack
This combo wrap pack comes with 2 x (20cm x 20cm) square sheets and 2 x wide (30cm x 30xm) sheets. They are reusable, non-toxic, and recyclable that completely eliminate the need for cling wrap, tin foil, and baking paper. Click the link for details.  

This is packaged with a nice eco-friendly Kraft Gift Box that you can send as a gift to your loved ones.