Cleaning Cloth (2 in a pack)

The Lithe Store


Hey! Do you use the two-sided plastic sponges with the scourer on top? Many of us do (did). They are reasonable and inexpensive but they slowly dissolve and end up in our environment as microplastic. Instead use this Multipurpose cleaning cloth which is Ideal for scrubbing pans, cleaning dishes, and wiping kitchen surfaces. An essential item for your zero waste kitchen. To your surprise, it's Available in two colors - Yeah!!! (green and grey).

     Key Features

    • 2 clothes in each pack.
    • 2 colours; green & grey 
    • Reusable & long-lasting
    • It has 2 sides:
      • Soft side for cleaning dishes and glass surface
      • Rough side for scrubbing pans and wiping kitchen surfaces.