Lithe Ideas

Sustainable Lithe Kitchen

Dec 13, 2021 Jessica Wu

To live sustainably is something that a vast majority of people think about and desire. But why do we want this sustainable living? How do we do this, and where do we start?

Bamboo Cutlery = Zero Waste for Outdoor Dining

Nov 10, 2021 Jessica Wu

Summer is almost here, and we are out of lockdown!  Let’s celebrate outside! It’s time to enjoy being outdoors and catch up with friends and family for a picnic on the beach or at the park. 


Nov 06, 2021 Jessica Wu

To bring into play nature's outcome as a daily handy is something  really special. Being an eco-friendly human most of us would love to prefer those ethical handmade to those plastic products available in the market. 

Agreena 3 in 1 Bakers Sheet

Oct 29, 2021 Jessica Wu

Tired of using conventional Aluminium foil to wrap your food? We present eco-friendly Agreena 3 in bakers sheets, an excellent replacement for all the toxic wraps you have been using since ages.