Eco Max Premium Bottle Brush

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This brush is perfect to clean any type of water bottle, having a wider neck. It cleans gently and forms an excellent lather with soap. Its bristle is soft on surfaces and cleans every small part of your bottle. Making it safe for you to drink water. Like some plastic bottle cleaning brushes that are made with nylon bristle, containing BPA can be dangerous for your health. BPA is a plastic chemical released and causing microplastic problems. Go green! Go LITHE LIFE! 

     Key Features:

    • 41cm Long
    • Durable
    • Chemical-free
    • Perfect for cleaning bottles
    • Ethically handmade in Sri Lanka
    • Made from Coco fiber and Alstonia timber handle
    • Galvanised wire, which doesn't rust. 
    • Fair Trade and Biodegradable
    • Entirely handmade

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