Eco Max Premium Dish Brush

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How about replacing those environmentally harmful plastic brushes, with biodegradable Dish Brush? The Eco Max plastic-free Dish Brush is handmade from a natural vegetable fiber found in the husk of the mature coconut. Excited about taking another step towards Lithe Life? And worry not about the foul smell. Coconut fiber is naturally antibacterial, so it won't stink or grow mold.

    To Use:
    Pump a little liquid dish soap on the brush and use it as usual. Enjoy the richness of the fiber as it lathers up. To dry, hand the brush overnight and it will be fresh as new for the next use. 

    Key Features

    • 22cm long
    • Plastic-free
    • Chemical-free
    • Durable
    • Fair Trade and Biodegradable
    • Made from Coco fiber and Alstonia timber handle
    • Entirely handmade

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