Facial Mask Kit

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3 in 1 is truly bliss!

1) FACIAL PADS (x8 pieces in a cotton mesh bag)

A must-have for a makeup cleansing system. If you are sick of spending an amount of money buying disposable remover pads or cotton pads, these reusable facial pads are a great alternative to you. It removes 100% of your make-up away with your favorite toner. You will be excited to continue using these as part of your responsibility to creating less waste and limiting disposables.


  • Wash your face like you normally would.
  • Take a soft cotton pad and soak it in your regular toner.
  • Swipe it gently with the least pressure over your face.
  • Toss the cotton pad when the pad starts to fluff up and move on to the rest of your routine.


If you are someone who loves snapping pictures, make sure that your skin is on point. Mask your way to firmer feeling, get more defined skin in under 30 minutes! Our Collagen Boost face mask is your easiest go-to for Flawless skin! A firming mask treatment that delivers skincare benefits, visibly firming, lifting, tightening, and toning your skin for defined-looking contours. It will rinse your skin worries off.


  • Apply a small batch and mix it with warm water to form a thick paste.
  • Aid in skin restoration and rejuvenation.
  • Improve skin tone.


    Even orange peel powder, extracts, or just topical application of this citrusy fruit can help to nourish your skin during winters. Also loaded with antibacterial properties, this happy ingredient gladly manages to vanish your acne scars or any such blemishes from your skin. In fact, its potential actually keeps your skin safe from any sudden breakouts of acne. Our new launch Pamper Face Mask has a copious amount of Cacao powder,  Sweet orange, and Carrot seed Essential Oil. That's the reason you would get a Chocolacious and fruity aroma once you open to applying the mask on your face. Let's give your skin a Treat!

    TO USE:

    • Apply a small batch and mix it with warm water to form a thick paste.
    • Absorb impurities from the skin.
    • Provide anti-oxidants to the skin.