Soul Deodorant Balm


Are you a fan of a blast of freshness? Yes? Well so are we! This deodorant balm for women is 100% natural. This deodorant balm boasts of a rosy fresh scent reminiscent of a rose garden and fresh flower baskets. Infused with tea tree and sandalwood Essential oils with a hint of rose and jasmine top notes, known for their antiseptic properties and skin brightening (we mean pigmentation and not actual skin color because your skin color is naturally beautiful darling!), Include our SOUL to your SOUL!

    Best Use

    Warm tube briefly in hands & push firmly from the bottom, leaving a few mm’s of balm peeking out.  Apply sparingly to clean underarms, it will soften against the warmth of your skin. Rub in any excess balm.

    Key Features: 

    • 100% plastic-free
    • Recycled paperboard tube packaging is home compostable or recyclable
    • 100% made with natural ingredients
    • Made from Australia


    love*, unrefined shea butter*, coconut oil*, tapioca flour*, sodium bicarbonate*, candelilla wax, essential oils - rose absolute, jasmine, tea tree, sandalwood *certified organic


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