Body Cleanser - Sweet Orange · Ylang Ylang · Cedarwood [THE PURIST]


Wanna spruce up your Skin? Fear not! We have just got the soaps for you. Enjoy some of life’s luxuries with these Body Cleansers. They are so beautiful and unique, you won’t want to use them but the ingredients are so good for your skin that you will want to! Tallow makes a bar of good soap, creating a hard and long-lasting bar, with a creamy lather. The oil presence in tallow helps to moisturize your skin. Coconut & Olive Oil deeply penetrate and moisturize to leave your skin smooth & soft. Sweet Orange, Cedarwood & Ylang Ylang Essential Oils evoke an outdoorsy floral aroma.

     To Use:

    Wet your hands and rub the bar between your hands and lather or apply directly to your skin; anything works! Rinse (and don’t forget to repeat tomorrow).

    Key Features:

    • For all skin type
    • Plastic-free packaging
    • Eco-friendly, sustainable and vegan-friendly
    • Bars weigh 110 grams when packed.


    Saponified oils (hand rendered tallow, olive, coconut), essential oils (sweet orange, cedarwood, ylang ylang, lime, neroli).