Agreena 3 in 1 Bakers Sheet

Posted by Jessica Wu

What is it?

Tired of using conventional Aluminium foil to wrap your food? We present eco-friendly Agreena 3 in bakers sheets, an excellent replacement for all the toxic wraps you have been using since ages. These are silicone sheets which come in a pack of 2 and can be put into use to wrap or serve different kinds of food items. They are sustainable for your kitchen as well as the environment. They can be reused again which saves a lot of your money. The sheets are designed to withstand temperatures as high as 220 °c and are perfectly safe to be used in the oven, microwave or dishwashers. They help you manage space in your kitchen as well by decluttering the extra wrap materials which occupy unnecessary space. These budget friendly baker sheets are a must in your kitchen to make it more sustainable and free of toxins.

What is so special about this product?

Gone are the days when we were dependent on Aluminium sheets and other toxic cling wraps to cover our food and use them for storage as well. Now we have brought you an amazing sustainable and budget friendly alternative which you cannot say no to. It comes with so many advantages over conventional wraps that you will automatically feel compelled to give it a try. Some of the benefits of these 3 in 1 bakers sheets are elucidated below:

Sustainable kitchen product – Today is the world of sustainability, from building cities to buying a vehicle everything ought to be Sustainable to the environment. In the middle of this, how can our kitchen products be bereft of sustainable products? We have made things easier for you by introducing our eco-friendly 3 in 1 wrap sheets to make your kitchen a sustainable space without compromising with your daily needs.

Budget friendly – The conventional Aluminium wraps are one time use products and put a lot of load on our pockets. As they are thrown away after one use they also generate a lot of waste. On the contrary our silicone sheets can be reused by washing them again properly and will last way more than any aluminium or cling wraps. They will not put any burden on your pocket and will serve the same purpose as the aluminium wraps did.

Non-toxic – One of the major concerns regarding Aluminium sheets is the toxicity it passes onto the food it is wrapped in. These toxins enter our body and disrupt normal functioning. Gradually, a person regularly using these sheets catches various diseases. This is not the case with our silicone sheets, they are free from toxins and do not pass any toxin into the food items and keep them safe and healthy.

A good replacement -  These silicone 3 in 1 sheets possess all the benefits to be a good replacement for the conventional Aluminium foil wrap and cling wrap. They are sustainable, can be reused multiple times, saves money, and generates less waste. They are a perfect match for your cuisine.

Why is it better than Aluminium wrap and cling wrap? 

Aluminium wraps have been considered to be a better option than newspapers or other printed papers to cover or store food but this notion is far away from reality. Contrary to the norm Aluminium foils do not fully preserve the food and still leaves space for microbial activity. The Aluminium foil was introduced for only baking purposes and was not supposed to be used to store food. 

Besides being unsafe, these conventional Aluminium wraps are hazardous for the environment as they do not easily decompose and litter our surroundings forever. They are a threat to sustainable development and should be prohibited altogether. Our 3 in 1 sheet provides a sustainable and budget-friendly solution to all these problems.

No use of plastic 

We advocate eco-friendly products and aim not to include any plastic item even in the packaging. Our packaging box is made up of paper and all the labels and stickers too. The adhesive is soy-based and does not harm the environment. Our product is purely sustainable and does not produce any kind of toxins whatsoever. 

The baker 3 in 1 sheet is designed to complement your culinary in the most sustainable way possible. They are an excellent replacement for all the conventional wraps you have been using to store food. They provide the whole package at a very minimal price. Do not let this offer go away and order this sustainable product right away. You will not regret investing in this deal.

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