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To bring into play nature's outcome as a daily handy is something  really special. Being an eco-friendly human most of us would love to prefer those ethical handmade to those plastic products available in the market. Cleaning bottles is made much easy-peasy and more convenient by using this coconut brush. Plastic free brush is made from coco fibre and Alstonia timber handle along with using galvanised bristle wires. Remarkable forte of this product is its sustainability as it uses natural products as its raw materials. Besides, it is much safer, secure and risk free as it is chemical and plastic free.  Galvanised soft bristle wires used in it makes it free from rusting. And enhance its durability.

Invincible quality along with its ease to use makes this sustainable kitchen product an unbeatable choice for those customers who are in search for a premium kitchen product. Its soft bristles penetrate deep into each small part of the bottle and helps to clean much easier. Whereas the soft bristles very easily forms an excellent lather with soap thus it winds up the entire cleaning process very fastly and in utmost perfection.

All these features makes it an ideal bottle cleaner whereas those bottles once cleaned with this brush will be a Sen percent safer to store drinking water. This completely hand made biodegradable product is absolutely a perfect choose for those who awaits for a sustainable kitchen product.

Why choose it?

Who will hesitate to buy a perfect ethical sustainable alternative for every day products? Natural plant fibers and sustainable timbers used in this premium quality brush replace those plastic bottle cleaning brushes made with nylon bristle, containing harmful BPA. Scientific research proves that this BPA causes many hazardous health issues to the human body. Thus cleaning the bottles with a plastic brush puts your life at great risk.

This sustainable kitchen product being perfectly made out as an outcome of the skilful attempt of those hard working women community in Sri Lanka. It is through a long termed group effort of this community this coconut brush is shaped out for the customer’s use. It really deserves a great recognition and appreciation that definitely motivates their dedicated work.

When you choose this product, you open up the door towards fair trade, a plastic-free, and eco-friendly society. Besides, when you buy this brush it provides a handful of support and motivation to the strong women community in Sri Lanka. Plant products are most effectively made useful to carve out this trending plastic-free coconut brush. Its features are regularly updated to make it much suitable with the changing customer requirements.

The way it is designed together with the rare color combination highlights it much adaptable with the customers’ desires. Our prior importance is to give utmost value to fair trade in the market as we ensure fair wage, fair access to the market, and fair environmental standards.

How to keep it long-lasting?

Being made of natural coco fiber and sustainable timber adds long-lasting durability as its special feature. Whereas the Soft bristles in it are galvanized which makes it free from rusting.

Our first priority is to ensure your health and hygiene life by introducing this ideal product for bottle cleaning. Made with ethical natural raw materials turns it out as a perfect chemical-free healthy alternative for the customers.

It is recommended to keep this coconut brush in a dry area by hooking it up on a wall and properly draining it. This concern will undoubtedly get complimented to ensure the very long-lasting durability of this premium bottle cleaning brush.

Plastic-free packaging

This sustainable kitchen product is made absolutely eco-friendly by using plastic-free paper boxes to deliver this product to the customer. Striving to fulfill a motive to shape a plastic-free environment, this completely biodegradable product is well packed up in a compostable mailer.  This package consists of soy-based adhesives made of labels and sticky tapes. Both this product as well as the packaging together is made of biodegradable materials which add as a strong suit for our goal to achieve a plastic-free society. Handed out completely from nature, this coconut brush keeps the word of protecting nature from plastic and chemicals in all dimensions.


An effectual biodegradable sustainable kitchen product that confirms the fair trade and plastic-free society layout an all-new ethnic trend in the society. Avail this ideal premium bottle brush to your kitchen. To buy this coconut premium bottle brush just click on the link.

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