Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Posted by Jane Cook


Mothers’ Day is almost here.  This can be a difficult time trying to decide what to buy for our Mums – something that she will love – something that isn’t going to cost too much – something that is useful – something that is eco-friendly!

This, of course, isn’t restricted to just our mothers, but also those women, and men, who are like mothers to us. If you have that special someone that you would like to treat, then what better than a Mothers’ Day Gift that is made from sustainable products and has zero waste. This is a terrific way to get those we love introduced to the sustainable way of life – the ‘Lithe’ life!

Here at The Lithe Store, we have some wonderful eco-friendly gift packs just for this occasion.


Skincare – Mothers Day Gift Box

Pamper your Mum with this gorgeous gift box of pretty products. She will love this.  In the gift box you will find these wonderful treats:

  • Bamboo Cotton Buds, made from 100% cotton.
  • The Eco Max Palm Body Brush, which is, of course, plastic-free, and is lovely for exfoliation in the shower.
  • The Body Sponge Konjac – a body sponge made from 100% compostable Konjac roots.
  • A Facial Bar enhanced with Activated Charcoal offering detoxification to your skin.
  • The OG Shampoo and Conditioner all in one bar. This is great for all hair types and naturally, it is zero waste.
  • Body Cleansers in Sweet Orange, Yland Ylang, and Cedarwood. These are very luxurious and smell just divine.
  • Balm Base for the skin containing the goodness of Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, and Hemp Oil. This is so nourishing for your skin and goes a long way.


Dish Cleaning Kit – Mothers Day Gift Box

A wonderful gift box for our hard-working mothers, this is perfect for her to pamper her hands whilst doing one of those unavoidable chores. In this gift box you will find:

  • Foaming Handwash in Juniperberry, Orange, and Lavender. This is so gentle on the skin without causing irritation and dryness. Made with oils, this is completely free of any parabens or sulfates… 100% natural.
  • The Eco Max Premium Dish Brush is plastic-free and made from natural vegetable fiber.
  • Dish Block Zero Waste Dish Washing Bar is a sturdy bar and there’s no plastic bottle to dispose of when it is finished! Gorgeous on your hands, there will be no itchy dry skin after dishwashing with this little gem.
  • Cleaning Cloth (2 in a pack) are multipurpose double-sided cloths – a soft side and a rough side for scrubbing. These are ideal for any surface and there is zero concern of microplastics being released with these.
  • Eco-Sponges for Dish Washing (3 in a pack) are an eco-friendly scourer that is fully biodegradable and compostable.


Food Storage – Mothers Day Gift Box

For the mother that loves to cook and be in the kitchen, this is a unique gift idea and something very practical at the same time. This gift box includes:

  • Food Covers – in colour. This is the perfect eco-friendly alternative to cling film. The Reusable and plastic-free airtight food covers are a great product made from stretchy silicone.
  • Stasher Sandwich Bags – Clear and Aqua. These are superb for storing food to keep them fresh and looking after the environment at the same time.
  • Agreena 3 in 1 Wrap Pack is a combo wrap pack that will replace cling film, aluminium foil, and baking paper! Can be washed and used over and over. This is the only food wrap that wraps, seals, and bakes!

These products are not only healthy for our planet but they are healthy for us. No more storing food in plastics. No BPA, phthalates, lead, mercury, or any other nasties leaching into our food! Another advantage with these super products is less clutter in the kitchen drawer with boxes and rolls.

If your mother hasn’t used these products before, then this is a lovely introduction for her (and her friends) to get into the eco-friendly ‘Lithe’ way of life. All these gift boxes are packaged with a nice eco-friendly Kraft Gift Box that you can gift to your mum hassle-free. Right now these gift boxes are at a special price especially for Mothers’ Day, so don’t miss out… or don’t let your mum miss out!


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